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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Arizona School of Massage Therapy

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Conveniently located in both Phoenix and Tempe, the arizona school massage therapy (ASMT) can prepare you for a massage therapy career that you will love! Massage therapy is a flexible and rewarding career in which you not only take care of others, you also take care of yourself!
Massage therapists work in positive and exciting environments, including resort spas, cruise ships, medical offices, sports clinics, destination spas, and day spas.  Many start their own private practices!
The massage therapy courses at the arizona school massage therapy are designed to provide you with the best possible education you can receive from a massage therapy school. ASMT is committed to helping you succeed in your education and in your massage therapy career – we offer career services assistance during massage school and throughout your career as a massage therapist.
The Arizona School of Massage Therapy is a member of the Steiner Education Group (SEG), which operates massage therapy schools and skin care schools at 30 campuses in 13 states. Steiner Education Group is a subsidiary of Steiner Leisure Limited, which operates more than 200 spas on cruise ships and at resorts worldwide. Steiner spas, both on land and at sea, recruit from the Steiner Education Group schools.

Why Choose the Arizona School of
Massage Therapy?

  • Graduate from massage school in just 7½ months!
  • Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.
  • Graduate as an experienced massage therapist - SEG students perform more than 200,000 massages per year in our student clinics.
  • SEG schools have been training massage therapists for more than 30 years!
  • Accredited massage therapy school - accredited by ACCET.
  • Relocation assistance is available.
  • Employers come to our schools every year to recruit our students before they even graduate!
  • Career Services assistance is provided to all students and graduates!

Why Massage Therapy?

A Growing Profession

massage therapy Past Growth - According to the 2014 Massage Profession Research Report from the American Massage Therapy Association, the number of practicing massage therapists grew by approximately 47% over the previous decade.**
Future Growth - The United States Department of Labor projects that employment opportunities for massage therapists will grow much faster than average from 2012 to 2022.*
Increasing Consumer Demand - Approximately 34.9 million Americans received a total of about 143 million massages in 2013.**
Increasing Consumer Awareness - 88% of Americans believe that massage can be effective in reducing pain and 88% believe that massage can be beneficial to health and wellness.**

A World of Opportunity

Massage therapists work in a broad range of positive and exciting work environments:
Private Practice - Many massage therapists start their own private practices and work on their own terms. 62% of all massage therapists in 2013 reported that they were sole practitioners.**
Spas & Resorts - Massage therapists have the opportunity to work at resort spas and destination spas in some of the most beautiful places in the world. And day spas offer many employment opportunities closer to home. The spa industry is flourishing, generating revenues of 14 billion dollars in 2012.**
Cruise Ships - Cruise ships operate world-class spas at sea and employ many massage therapists - giving them the opportunity to travel the world while they work.
Sports - Sports massage plays an important part in the life of any athlete. Massage therapists have a variety of opportunities to work with amateur and professional athletes - in health clubs, fitness centers, sports clinics, and even directly for athletic teams.
Clinical Setting - Since many health problems can be treated with massage therapy as an alternative to surgery or drugs, massage therapists are becoming an increasingly important part of the health care industry. Therapists can work in hospitals, rehab facilities, doctor's offices, and more. In 2013, 43% of massage consumers received massages for medical reasons and 53% of massage therapists reported receiving referrals from a hospital or medical office.**
National Massage Clinic Chains - The number of massage clinics operated by national massage clinic chains has been growing for several years, increasing the demand for massage therapists all across the country. Many of these chains offer membership and subscription plans, building a large, steady, and loyal customer base … and lots of employment opportunities for massage therapists.

Call us now at 866-331-4325 in Phoenix or 877-969-2639 in Tempe to start preparing for your new career in massage therapy today!

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Friday, 22 April 2016

BA Degree online

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ba degree online
Online Bachelors Degree Program

If you're desirous of having a career in counseling, but do not have time to attend college to get a degree in the field, then you must think about doing an on-line bachelors degree in counseling. State colleges and community colleges have expanded their reach with the aid of the internet some major such as BA degree online. This allows them to deliver all kinds of accredited degree programs over the internet to your computer. You will not need to travel to a physical campus or take time off from work to make your degree.

BA degree Online schooling isn't at all of that different from regular schooling. The main difference is the medium you're going to use.

Rather than being in a class room, classes will be held on internet based systems like video conferencing. Your classes will also be archived, in order that you may use your Personal Computer to access them later - at any time of the day or night. Assignments, papers along with other needs may be passed to the faculty electronically. Class discussions will also occur electronically. An on-line bachelors degree in counseling instructs you in counseling theory, patient to therapist relationship and therapeutic methods. Like the regular schools, you've complete the basic number of units which will be given by the school.

You'll be allowed to main in a subject that fits your career preference. This major may equip you with methods on how you may treat households who're going through rough times within their relationship. These family problems might revolve around rebel teens, frustrated parents and even domestic violence. Here, you'll be taught how to analyze your customers backgrounds and all things which could be causing their improper behaviors. This field is more particular that family counseling. Here, you'll deal just with couples whose relationships are on the stones or who're experiencing issues that if left unaddressed, might eventually affect the relationship down the road.

This is an area that's for you to main if you plan to work in a school. You'll be equipped with skills on how you might help pupils develop and learn their academic and professional potential. This way, you might help them become productive individuals in the society. If you major in that area, you'll be taught advanced methods on how you may treat customers with mental problems. Here, you'll learn therapeutic techniques that can help you address issues like depression, self confidence issues, anger and grief. The program may focus you on helping the handicapped accomplish their career and separate goals.
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Online MBA Programs

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online mba programs

An Online Master of Business Administration degree, or MBA degree, is frequently sought by individuals working at the company sector. A Master of Business Administration offered on-line is almost identical in every way on campus Master of Business Administration programs Online MBA and usually takes about 2 years to complete.

Most Distance Education MBA degrees cover topics in a wide range of subjects like management, international business strategy, strategic management, public policy, ethics and finances. What's the importance of online AACSB Master of Business Administration Accreditation? AACSB accreditation is the highest standard of accomplishment of business schools in the world. AACSB business programs must satisfy the anticipation of a wide range of quality standards related to the quality of education and curriculum, faculty, admission requirements, degree standards, library and computer facilities, among other factors.

Check Other University provide Online MBA

Universities wishing to be accredited by AACSB must meet or exceed these standards. Founded in 1916, AACSB founding members include a number of Ivy League schools like Cornell University, Columbia, Harvard University, and Yale. When a university receives accreditation from AACSB International, it sets the university apart as an internationally benchmarked, premium university ranking among the world's top tier institutions. Usually, distance Master of Business Adminstration programs vary only in the mode of educational delivery. The degree awarded will be the same in every respect, your diploma makes no distinction in the way a degree was earned, either on campus or on-line through a distance learning programs.

You may always confirm by seeking counsel from the admission office. Rather than attending classes full time throughout the day or part time in the evenings, Online MBA students are able to earn their degree at home, while traveling, or anyplace there's a connection to the internet. Students opting to earn AACSB Online Master of Business Administration Degree can be sure that the program is held to the highest standards of quality.

Individuals earning an AACSB Online Master of Business Administration should expect to receive a salary that's about 25% to 50% higher than their peers who've earned a bachelor or associate degree. Online Master of Business Administration Degree graduates might use their degree to climb the corporate ladder and position themselves for important roles in corporate business, like CEOs, CFOs, Department Managers, and Resource Managers, among others. These skills are paramount when used in a large company or a corporate setting.
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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Online College Accreditation

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Online College Accreditation has Many advices and tips from all of these info pages teach you how to identify for potential diploma mill and avoid yourself from dropping into diploma mills trap. Diploma mills are still making their profit from many on-line students that enrolled in their on-line degree programs. Many who signup for diploma mills on-line degree program don't do their homework, they don't check out the credentials of on-line degree program before enrolling. Do not let this happen to you, you're responsible to ensure the degree that you earn on-line is accredited by property accreditation agencies and recognized in the job market.

Put yourself on high alert for diploma mill signals even when it looks too good to be true and it looks like a reputable on-line university. Previously, Accreditation is the keyword that differential the reputable of on-line university with diploma mill, but now you cannot depend on this keyword alone, more home work need to be done. It is sound weird, right? You might think that so long as the on-line university is accredited by an accreditation agency, it should be find to enroll in their on-line degree program. In actual fact, your thinking is just correct partly because many diploma mills also claimed that they're accredited.

Accreditation Diploma mills know that those who're looking for on-line degree programs will definite will ask for accreditation, virtually all diploma mills are accredited. Note that they might be accredited by a fake accreditation agency only to build confidence to their prospects. In determining an on-line university is reputable, the very first thing is to ensure that the school isn't just accredited, but accredited and recognized by the U.S Department of Education. Following a short time period of easy learning process, you earn your Fake degree and hoping that it'll in help in your career advancement or job promotion. You most probably will be disappointed because most employers aware of Fake degree plus they'll double check your degree's credential if they feel suspicious about your degree. The best place to check for accreditation of an on-line university is from a database provided by U.S Department of Education. If you cannot find your selected on-line university from the accreditation database, it is better not to signup the on-line degree program from that university than taking the risk to be the diploma mill's victim.

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Bachelor Degree In Business

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In the world today it's imperative to be educated and extremely qualified. There are a lot of capable individuals and only a great number of jobs. There are various colleges and universities offering excellent courses. A few of the classes are full time and the others part time.

This functions perfectly for individuals who're already working or for some reason are unable to attend university or school often. Selecting to enrol in one these classes would mean that you'd have to attend school once a week. Specific days are provided and you pick the one which would work best. Courses are held on week ends too, therefore you don't have to take off from work.

The staff is usually excellent and you could receive on-line support from the many teachers accessible on the web. The standard approach to evaluation is an ongoing appraisal, which indicates no closing semester examinations are held. How Can A Degree Help? It's possible to get a job right after passing-out of college, but they had most likely be low paid jobs with not much of a future. Parents with a diploma will be capable to be more concerned with the schooling of their children. They'd be competent to help them with their college work or projects. Lastly it's easier to get a job whether you've a Administration Bachelor's-Degree in your list of skills on your resume. Other Classes Offered There are several other classes too offered by these on-line schools. These classes are so created that it'll readily adapt the currently demanding schedule of the pupil, as many of them are working. They give the pupil the option to decide on between evening courses or weekend courses, and therefore they don't have to miss work.

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bible colleges offer undergraduate degrees

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Bible colleges primarily offer undergraduate degrees
Bible colleges primarily offer undergraduate degrees
Bible colleges (sometimes referred to as Bible institutes) are institutions of higher education that prepare students for Church ministry with theological education, Biblical studies and practical ministry training.

Bible colleges primarily offer undergraduate degrees, but may also offer graduate degrees and/or lower-level associate degrees, "certificates", or "diplomas" in specialized areas of Christian training, where a full degree is not required.

The Association for Biblical Higher Education asserts that "there are more than 1,200 Bible schools and colleges in the United States and Canada", and that Bible colleges produce "a large percentage of North American evangelical missionaries and serve as a primary training center for local church leadership".[1] The South Pacific Association of Bible Colleges claims that "more than fifty percent of all Protestant missionaries in the world today are graduates of the Bible Colleges".[2] According to, there are over 300 accredited Bible colleges in the United States as of November 2012.[3]

There are around 200 post-secondary Bible institutions throughout North America that are affiliated with the Association for Biblical Higher Education.[4] In 1997, there were 400 Bible colleges, representing 31,000 students, in the United States and Canada. There are over 1,200 post-secondary Bible institutes in North America.[5] Moody Bible Institute was one of the first Bible institutes.
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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Henley-Putnam University Ranking

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Henley-Putnam University was conceived after more than twelve years of planning and research to contribute to the professional development of protection, intelligence and counter-terrorism trade-craft. The founders designed the University to meet the strategic security industry’s establishment of higher educational standards – and in keeping with this design, brought on board only faculty with real world experience in their respective fields.  Today, Henley-Putnam University Ranking is a premier university for higher education in the advancing fields of security, protection, intelligence and counter terrorism.

We know that you have lots of options to study online. If you are looking for an edge, today and in the future, listen to our students and alumni and consider joining and learning with an elite team. A team dedicated to your success, Henley-Putnam University Ranking.


Our university’s mission is to serve professionals in the strategic security industry, especially within the law enforcement, military and the intelligence community, by increasing their opportunities for advancement in the fields of intelligence management, counter terrorism studies, and strategic security and protection management.

Our focus is our strength. All of our degree and certificate programs are focused in the field of Strategic Security, including certificates and online intelligence degrees, degrees in counter terrorism, as well as security management degrees and certificate programs. Our students receive cutting-edge and relevant instruction from experienced practitioners.

Our faculty members are from your world. They have strong academic backgrounds as well as experience in senior positions in the CIA, U.S. Secret Service, FBI, DIA, DSS, NSA, all branches of the U.S. military, as well as positions in corporate security and local and federal law enforcement.


We know that you are looking for high quality, academically challenging programs that are relevant to your career choice. Our students who graduated between January 1st and November 30th, 2011 gave us a score of 100% in Overall Student Satisfaction (data from first 3 quarters 2011).

You also want the option of requesting evaluation and possible credit for your college- equivalent knowledge and learning gained through non-traditional college experience. Henley-Putnam University encourages the submission of Prior Learning Experience portfolios for the Bachelor and Master level students. In addition, students may challenge courses. And we award the maximum allowable transfer of credits under the ACE guidelines.

Our programs are 100% online. You study when and where it is convenient for you, whether you are working towards an online intelligence degree, a degree in counterterrorism, a security management degree, or focusing your efforts on a homeland security education online.


Our staff, faculty and administration are dedicated to your success and are here to help you along your educational and career path. We are committed to delivering user friendly, high quality, online programs with an emphasis on furthering knowledge in deterrence and prevention.

You will receive academic advising from the time you enroll until you finish your program. We can help choosing courses, accessing tutoring or making decisions on when to take courses. We know that your current career may make it difficult to predict your availability as operational tempos and work assignments vary greatly. We are here to help you optimize your educational experience.


Henley-Putnam’s optional mentoring program offers individualized support for every student who comes through the program. Our mentors come from our faculty and from outside experts in our professional fields such as federal and local law enforcement, the intelligence community, the military establishment and the corporate security arena. Mentoring services allow bachelor’s and master’s students the opportunity to seek guidance and advice from veteran professionals in their fields. We realize that while students often have a basic idea of what they might want to do, many have questions or need assistance in creating a career plan and it never hurts to have a team of Henley-Putnam professionals to assist you in your chosen career.


Henley-Putnam University Ranking, a premier university for online higher education in the strategic security industry, is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency.The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Henley-Putnam was founded in 1991. DEAC first accredited Henley in January 2007. DEAC is the premier accrediting authority of distance learning serving more than 100 accredited institutions worldwide including the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, and U.S. Marine Corps distance training institutes. Today, over 3 million students around the globe are served by DEAC member institutions.

Thousands of companies listed on the DEAC website have provided tuition assistance to employees who have been students at DEAC institutions. Institutions include major Fortune 500 companies such as defense contractors, technology companies, and financial institutions.


Distance Education and Accrediting Commission
1601 18th Street, N.W., Suite 2
Washington, D.C. 20009

(202) 234-5100


"Henley-Putnam University has been recognized as a Candidate for Accreditation by WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), 985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501, 510.748.9001.  This status is a preliminary affiliation with the Commission awarded for a maximum period of five years.  Candidacy is an indication that the institution is progressing toward Accreditation.  Candidacy is not Accreditation and does not ensure eventual Accreditation.”

Henley-Putnam University has been awarded full institutional approval to operate as a private degree granting institution by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. Full institutional approval is the highest status awarded by the State of California. Such approval indicates compliance with minimum state standards and does not imply any endorsement or recommendation by the state or by the Bureau.

A student or any member of the public may file a complaint about this institution with the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education at 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95833. Students may call (916) 431-6959 or (888)370-7589 or complete a complaint form, which can be found on the bureau’s Internet site

To view student performance fact sheets for each program and the annual report, please click here to read more.

henley-putnam university ranking

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